Report: Goal Post To File Sexual Assault Charges On Antonio Brown

PITTSBURGH, PA – Antonio Brown may be regretting some choices right about now. After taking back a late game punt against the Colts last week, the NFL announced he would be fined more than $11K for the celebration, which by rule “used the goal post as a prop”. But now apparently, per multiple, the ‘Goalpost’ has filed sexual assault charges after the wide receiver went crotch-first into him/her.

Video was released of the assaults in live time during the primetime broadcast, which many didn’t ‘think of it at the time:

Many people including football fans are on the side of Brown, under the common argument of “look at the way it’s dressed, it had it coming.”


According to other report, Steelers QB Ben Roethisberger found it confusing why the women who was standing behind the goal post and got hit took no exception to being surprised from behind.

(h/t TotalProSports)