High School Ref Lays Out Ball Carrier, Forces Fumble, Acts Like He Did Nothing


Many who watched the hit segment C’mon Man on Monday Night Countdown Monday night may have seen this clip…a high school referee laying out a player…

With it being playoff time for high school football, you’d think the refs would in turn, be able elevate their game a little too, but clearly not the case. During a game last week, Darien High School’ WR Hudson Hamil caught a pass going across the middle and turned field, when all of the sudden, this referee seemingly laid a shoulder-led blow, knocking Hamill over and forcing a fumble, which was recovered by the Southington High School.

Hudson Hamill is going to have a story to tell forever after being clocked by an old ref. He was the only person able to stop his team (Darien) as they destroyed the competition (Southington) 49-7.


(h/t JR Sports Brief)