Video Of Panthers Player Who Walked Over To Beckham With Baseball Bat Surfaces

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 11.47.04 PM

After the whole Odell Beckham cheap shot and Josh Norman scuffle resided Tuesday afternoon with a one-game suspension being handed down to the Giants WR, all was seemingly done with right? Not so much…allegations of multiple Carolina Panther players threatening Beckham with a baseball bat of all things on the field during pre-game warm-ups hit the wave of the media shortly after.

Multiple videos surfaced of various Panthers carrying the bat, including Norman, which as explained by the team is a symbolic idol of sorts taken to all games, which is true, as the team was photographed with the same bat last week pregame vs the Falcons. We now have the video of a Panthers player who is suspected to be a practice squad player by the name of Marcus Ball, walking over to the Giants side of the field, bat in hand, calling Beckham out. Ball was also reported to have been using gay and racial slurs.


Odell Beckham was suspended 1 game for his in-game actions, it will be interest to see in the league further investigates this matter.