Ndamukong Suh Destroys Tom Brady Going In Low, Brady Limps Off Field

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 2.26.06 PM
Every time Ndamukong Suh hits a quarterback, you take a double take to check if it was dirty. After a plethora of suspensions and fines, it’s just second nature. Also, considering ‘golden boy’ Tom Brady is the QB in question, there’s that aspect to it as well.

Mid-second quarter today as Suh’s Dolphins took on the Patriots in Miami, Suh rushed Brady, hitting him just after the ball was released, going in low. You can see Brady’s torso violently snap backwards as his legs were collapsed underneath Suh’s massive frame.


Here’s another angle of the hit.


Brady limped off the field and immediately went over to the trainers table to get his ankles checked and then wrapped.

There was no flag assessed the play for a personal foul. Dirty play or perfectly clean – you be the judge?


  1. Couldn’t have happened to a more arrogant whiny asshole. Brady is a jerk and it’s great to see him get slammed. More to come in playoffs, can’t wait. Btw, fuck off if ya don’t like my comments. Clean hit especially after being facemasked the whole play.

  2. Clean..For all the fans that cry foul or the sky is falling that Brady getting injured on that play is on #61 having illegal hands to the face, so Suh was trying to not go low and #61 should of been called for facemask and a 10 yard penalty!

        • Oh, spygate? I’m glad you cleared Belichick of that and decide instead of looking off safeties Brady was concerned with camera placement. BTW have you read the rule, not the memo that changed it. (You know the one that says 1. Taping never happens 2. Taping happens in a room with a roof and walls.) Here is a picture that clarifies such nefarious activity.

          • Memes don’t make it legal. You also forgot a few other times of cheating as well. Nice start though. Bad idea trying to make it look like it was legal though. Fines & draft picks were lost due to cheating. If the head of the team takes the punishment for the crime, the boneheaded fans really can’t do much to cover up his acceptance of being caught cheating.Stay pompous.Oh, and you can have the last word too, as you pats fans seem to need it to feel better about your cheating teams ways. I’ve made my point. Bye now.

          • Hey straw man maker, did you see anywhere where I said it was legal? See the part in red where it says Not OK to film from here. Oh and thanks for telling me of the plethora of other times Tom Brady cheated. Can I bother you for specifics? Name one, just one – and you win!!!

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    • Really?? The facemask took one of Suh’s legs out from underneath him so he didn’t really have much of an option of where he was going to fall. Also, where did you come to the conclusion that Brady was “flopping”? Seriously, he snapped backwards over his knees. Flopping implies that it was his decision. Did you miss the defensive lineman falling on the back of his legs? SMH

  3. Zero sympathy for Suh, He’s always been a dirty player and always will be. He puts way too much effort into trying to injure every player he can. For all you posting that you want Brady hurt: get your jealousy under control, it makes you look, well you are, immature. Kindergarten in back in session, better had to school.

  4. It’s very obvious in the video that Suh was yanked down by his face mask by #61 and the way Suh fell rolled him into Brady. It doesn’t appear there was any way Suh could have landed any differently. Why wasn’t a facemask flag thrown? Even the referees protect baby Brady.

  5. dont care either way about Brady, but the way Suh is flopping on him, it looks like a little kid jumping on a bed to bounce, or land in a pool, not sure what technique in attempting to tackle he was employing

  6. Brady is the best…..haters in football are haters in life…Suh is a thug, that’s his mindset…he has unresolved anger issues and feels like a victim, entitled to do what ever he wants because he’s a narcissist. No question about it. He did not need to lunge into Brady…he took the opportunity to roll on him if you watch the video…it was a perfect excuse base on the way he fell…but notice he doesn’t try to use his arms to tackle; he simply used his body. He’s a low life thug based on his history. Was that a mistake when he kicked Aaron Rogers….not at all.