Uncle Rico Seen Getting Loose On Texans Sideline


HOUSTON, TX – Bryan Hoyer and the Texans snuck their way into the playoffs this season, and it might have been less embarrassing if they hadn’t.

Hoyer has turned the ball over 4 times, with what should have been a fifth, dropped by a Chiefs player. With three picks and a fumble, where the ball slipped out of Hoyer’s hand as he was preparing to pass it, the rain of boos heard from the Houston crowd are warranted. The QB’s first half stats read as follows:

7/11 Passing, 61 Yards, 3 INTS.


The Texans backup quarterback Uncle Rico was signed by the team after being waived by the Dynamite, a CFL team, and is currently warming up as the Chiefs drive down the field, looking for another score and a 20 point lead. Scouts say the 5′ 11″ 200-lb. Rico has NFL arm strength, with the ability to throw the ball over them mountains, something the Texans, along with a little accuracy could use right now as they look to make some sort of a comeback.

Rico was elevated to second-string ahead of Brandon Weeden after Texans coaches reportedly noticed that Brandon Weeden was their second-string QB.