Brian Hoyer’s Passer Rating Would Have Been Higher If He Just Threw The Ball Into The Ground On Every Single Play

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HOUSTON, TX – Brian Hoyer, what a poor guy.

The man can’t leave his house for this entire offseason in Houston. Death treats on Twitter, his own fans yelling “YOU SUCK HOYER” to his face as he ran off the field, it can’t get much worse. Then again, he did have one of the shittiest games ever as a QB in the playoffs.

Hoyer finished with a stat line:

 15-34, 136 Yds, 0 TD, 4 INT.

To find the last QB to throw 4 picks in a playoff game, you’d have to go to Brad Johnson in 2001. Side note, what the hell do you think Brad Johnson is doing nowadays?

Anyways, juts when you thought we couldn’t find a stat to make Hoyer’s day seem any worse, we have. According to, the QB would have finished with a higher pass rating (a statistic formed by culminated smaller statistics) by just spiking the ball into the turf on every single play. Sad