In Other News, 70,000 People Have Become Panther Fans In The Last 24 Hours

Hmmm we’ve seen this same exact somewhere before, oh yeah that’s right! With the Seahawks last year. Surprising.

We decided it would be interesting to see just how many more Panthers fan would be born after they were able to easily bypass the Arizona Cardinals and reach the Super Bowl…and our answer? Roughly 70,000.

The team’s Facebook page grew at astronomical levels in just the past 24 hours, jumping from 1,963,333 to a casual 2,033,246 followers.



(click image to enlarge)

To put this into perspective, 70,000 likes is 3.5% of the 2 million total. If this were an everyday occurrence, the page would have 511 million likes…

Now granted, most of these new ‘likes’ are not all fair weather fans seeing an opportunity, but nevertheless, the bandwagon is strong with this one!