Heinz Releases Adorable “Weiner Stampede” Super Bowl Commercial


If you don’t love football, odds are you still watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. With millions spent on spots and time slots, advertises have begun to release their commercials early to get a jumpstart in the headlines, and then have those who didn’t see it prematurely, will of course see it during the big game.

Heinz is the latest to release their Super Bowl 50 commercial, titled “Weiner Stampede,” promoting their line of condiments.


“We tried to find something simple, visual and fun to communicate that hot dogs can’t resist the great taste of Heinz,” said Anselmo Ramos, founder and chief creative officer of David. “So what better way than to introduce the extended Heinz Family than with a ‘weiner stampede’ during the Super Bowl? Heinz is an iconic American brand associated with great-tasting food and fun moments between family and friends, and its ads should reflect that.”

This is the third time the brand has gone to the Big Game. Its last effort, from Cramer-Krasselt, was all about ketchup. Cramer-Krasselt CEO Peter Krivkovich revealed late last month that the company had given its Super Bowl creative duties to Miami-based David.

“Everyone knows and loves Heinz Ketchup, but they may not realize that we offer a range of products for almost any taste,” said Michelle St. Jacques, vp of marketing, condiments and sauces at the Kraft Heinz Company, in a statement. “We are launching this campaign during one of the most-viewed events of the year so that everyone can see that great taste runs in the entire Heinz family.”

(h/t AdWeek)