Ellen Surprised Cam Newton’s Biggest Fan Who Has Cancer With Super Bowl Tickets


LOS ANGELES, CA – Braylon Beam is going to the Super Bowl.

Now, you may not know the name Braylon Beam but you may recognize the photos of who appears to be Cam Newton’s biggest fan.

Braylon battling brain cancer for the last year — but that hasn’t stopped him from dancing through the tough times and going to every one of his beloved Carolina Panthers’ home games this football season.

With Super Bowl 50, featuring his Panthers and the Denver Broncos just a few days away, Ellen DeGeneres invited the spirited boy back on her show to give him yet another deserving surprise.

The 6-year-old social media sensation has been an inspiration to the NFC champion Carolina Panthers for the way he’s battled since doctors discovered a brain tumor in February.

Much of that fight has been through his #JustKeepDancing campaign — a perfect fit for a Carolina team known for its dancing — that Beam and his parents created to help him deal with chemotherapy.

Beam and his parents are already in San Francisco. They flew here in a private jet provided by talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres, who surprised the family with tickets on her most recent show.



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