Marshawn Lynch Has Saved Every Penny Of Money He’s Made From Football

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Every year it seems we hear about a once high-profile athlete going bankrupt even though he’s amassed tens of millions of dollars.

Marshawn Lynch is not one of those. According to sources, the longtime NFL running back has saved about 50 million dollars over the span of his playing career.

But how does a man do this while living in a mansion costing tens of millions, driving around in his Lamborghini Aventador with accompanying velvet ropes for parking, and ordering huge custom fish tanks of this living room?


Lynch has most likely only used the money he’s earned from sponsors and endorsements (which at this point is immense), his signature BeastMode brand, principal interest and signing bonuses if that’s excluded from “playing money.”

Lynch should be well off in retirement, whether that comes this offseason or later, having to spend more a million dollars every year for the rest of his life to go broke.

Well done Marshawn, way to set a precedent to future athletes. #SaveMode