Video Show Perhaps Wha Caused Cam Newton To Walk Out On Postgame Press Conference

All eyes were on Cam Newton while he sat down for a whole three minutes to talk with reporters, and many of the people left their TVs with heavy criticism for the Panthers quarterback.

With a player who’s been relatively arrogant and rightfully cocky all year just lose the biggest game of his life, the media and public seemed to agree that Newton could have gone about the press conference, taking what the media had to throw at him, which were not harsh questions at all, and for lack of a better term, sucking it up for a few more minutes.

New video was brought to light after the talk begun though of Newton’s presser from another angle, which picks of audio of what appears to be that of Denver Broncos CB Chris Harris talking loudly in the same room as Newton was being interviewed.

Harris can be heard making note that they weren’t going to respect Cam’s passing game, which for Newton has become a priority and something he’s taken pride in during his time in the NFL this season especially.

Many now feel as if this was the reason along with of course mounted frustration from the game that Newton simply got up and walked out, mustering “I’m done” under his breath, because lets be honest, the question the reporter had asked before he did leave didn’t seem out of line at all.

Have a look, and a listen:

Here’s another video in which Chris Harris can be heard clearer: Did Denver’s Chris Harris play a role in Newton walking out on media? – ESPN Video


  1. Oh, but before the game he is all running around shoot off his mouth how great he is. He is an embarrassment to the NFL. After the Broncos took a beating by the Seahawks just two years ago, Peyton, dressed in a suit, addresses the media politely and in control.

    • but he also wasnt sharing the same conference room as the winning team. whether or not he was in a suit is irrelevant. maybe you should see the pic where cam smiled and congratulated peyton in the middle of the field.

    • Is that the same classy Manning that walked off the field after Super Bowl XLIV with out shaking Brees’s hand or any other player on the Saints after they beat the Colts?? No because he’s a sore loser and a spoiled brat. At least Cam (whom I’m not a fan of) had enough sportsmanship to go congratulate him at the 50 yard line.

    • You don’t even know why he left so shut your mouth.. Cam had class to go congratulation Peyton on the Fifty yard line. Peyton was also not sharing a locker room where the other team was talking smack about him. BIG DIFFERENCE. Why don’t you get the facts before you run your mouth!

  2. I don’t think we should be too hard on Cam. This was his breakout season. This was his first season where he and his team dominated up until the Super Bowl. This was also his first Super Bowl. Him and his team had just been given a huge dose of reality. He’s young and inexperienced. Let’s wait and see if he learns and matures from this before we jump on the Cam hate train.

  3. Whoever set up the interview rooms should be fired. That’s just piss poor organization. Why should anybody have to be subjected to puerile questions from aging jock sniffers? You lose the biggest game of your life and you are forced to sit through that BS with a sore winner mouthing off in the back ground/ That is just absolutely bush league. How in the hell do you think he felt? Do you actually believe that the Carolina staff didn’t think of all possibilities? Hell all of the coaches have coached on the same teams one time or another. Did they not see the game? Denver defense just outplayed the offense. Simple concept. Why does anybody care what the losers have to say? I could not care less what they say because I know what happened. THEY LOST! Let it go, please for God’s sake, let it go. We have more important things than a football game to get our skivvies in a twist over . . . how about nuclear Iran, nuclear Norks for starters. People have pissed and moaned about this totally insignificant (in the grand scheme of the universe) game.Cam gave more information at that presser than Hillary Clinton has given in a lifetime.

  4. a win is always nice but he got paid win or lose, end of the day they are richer than veterans returning to homelessness and I dont feel bad for any football player losing the superbowl, you made it to the superbowl, thats incredible.