ESPN Telling Employees Not To Mention Peyton Manning Sexual Assault Allegations

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The NFL headlines were rocked yesterday with the damming and shocking reports released by the New York Daily News yesterday. Writer Shaun King released an article acknowledging and discussing in great detail the sexual assault allegations that occurred 20 years ago while Manning played for the University of Tennessee.

The article contained cited information that showed the length Peyton, Archie Manning, and the University of Tennessee went to cover up an apparent sexual assault as well as destroy the life and career of the alleger.

According to the Dennis and Callahan Show, ESPN failed to even acknowledge the story and told employees that it shall not be discussed, a far cry from the deflate-gate situation and Ben Roethisberger rape allegations that shook the NFL world for weeks, months, years past its breaking.


ESPN also did hardly any reporting on the shocking news of Manning and his posse reportedly having sent self-proclaimed “private investigators” to the house of the doctor who made allegations that Manning had human growth hormone shipped to his house.

It seems as if ESPN’s relations with the Manning family has taken priority over actual news reporting, to which ESPN claims they do. Fishy.