Peyton Manning Dropped By Papa Johns, Picked Up By Lipton®



DALLAS, TX – With the once buried incident which took place at the University of Tennessee some twenty years ago, the NFL’s golden boy seems now not so golden any longer.

The New York Daily News released a story written by Shaun King this weekend bringing to light documents with details of a sexual assult involving Manning and a University of Tennessee Athletic trainer by the name of Dr. Jamie Naughright. The 74 page report was reportedly swept under the rug with the help of the Manning family which documented Manning allegedly placing his “gluteus maximus, the rectum, the testicles and the area between the testicles” on her face while she was examining a foot injury on Feb. 29, 1996. Manning has refuted, saying that he was “mooning” a teammate.


In light of the negative attention surrounding Manning paired with the HGH allegations, Papa Johns, endorsed by the quarterback for a number of years now, has made the tough decision to drop him.

Papa John told reporters, “We simply can’t send the message that it’s ok to try to order HGH as a topping as many have, also shoving your genitals in the face of those eating our pizza is of course frowned upon.” Papa John added that he still would have kissed Peyton knowing these allegations before Super Bowl 50.

The popular iced tea company Lipton though did quickly pick up Manning, saying he was the perfect endorser for their newest line of tea bags. Lipton released a statement saying, “We’re excited to bring our Manning onto our team here at Lipton, and to have such a hgh, we mean high profile athlete as such. The only issue we see forthcoming is trying to work with our product designers to navigate way to fit Manning’s forehead on our box. other than that, we’re excited for the future.”