Jets Beat Writer Received This Racist Letter From A Reader About Her Cam Newton Article


People writing letters about Cam Newton is nothing new, we’ve seen it already — whether it’s been a mother who got upset because of his dancing or a Seahawks fan writing a letter after seeing the league-MVP throw a 12th man flag in the Panthers’ home stadium – Bank of America Stadium.

These letters have been just ridiculous and somewhat of a joke but today, the letters hit a new disgusting low.

Newsday’s Kimberly A. Martin, who is a beat writer for the New York Jets wrote an article about Cam Newton after Super Bowl 50 and in response received this letter from a fan:


Dear Ms. Martin:

You seem like a very nice young woman. I read your article about Cam Newton. You shouldn’t be surprised.  You need to understand something that your teachers, editors or colleagues are not going to say out loud: the biggest curse we have in this country is niggers. Cam Newton has no class. Why should he? Niggers don’t know the first thing about class. Look at Kanye West, Bill Cosby, etc. Look at the NY City tabloids, niggers wreak havoc on our society from top to bottom on a daily basis. This country would be so much better off without them. They fill our streets with crime, they dumb down our schools, they ruin our neighborhoods, and they act like animals. The only people that benefit from their presence in this country are owners of All-You-Can-Eat restaurants and the manufacturers of Colt 45 malt liquor. They still worship Michael Jackson and he was a sick child molester. I could go on and on.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from them as much as possible.

Yours truly,

After sharing this letter on her Twitter account, Ms. Martin shared the impact the letter had on her:

Oh, did I mention Kimberly is an African-American?