Manning Had Chris Mortenson Report His Retirement as a Salute to the Analyst Who’s Battling Cancer


DENVER, CO – Peyton Manning has always been recognized as a beacon of class and respect not just on the field but off, and what better way to end his career than one more.

Manning reportedly told ESPN’s Chris Mortenson, who’s currently battling throat cancer he was retiring, letting him be the first to report the news as a respectful salute to the analyst whom Manning is relatively close to.

Even Mortenson’s competitors respected Manning’s decision, Jay Glazer and Peter King notably.


The 64-year-old Morteneson broke news of his stage 4 cancer earlier in January of this year.

Ron Borges, who has covered the NFL many moons for the Boston Herald, tweeted: “Kudos to Mort. Can’t keep a tough guy down! Great get.” And ofcourse ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Mortensen’s college who the two together worked closely for many years covering and reporting on the NFL tweeted: “Mort’s the man.”

A kind gesture by Manning which maybe went over the heads of most should be appreciated.

(Daily News)