Ron Jaworski: “Kaepernick Could Be One Of The Greatest Ever”

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No amount of game footage should have warranted what came out of ESPN’s Ron Jaworski, aka Jaws’s, mouth a few short years ago. A little premature is an understatement here, considering this statement was made just 10 games into Colin Kaepernick’s career, and then it was relatively downhill from there.

The Super Bowl quarterback sensation turned bench warmer behind Blain Gabbert, no that’s not a typo, in San Fran has recently requested permission to seek a trade from the team, which has of course yet to lead anywhere. With Denver’s quarterback position now open, the Broncos seem to be the front-runner in the bid for Kaepernick if so he leaves.

“I truly believe Colin Kaepernick could be one of the greatest quarterbacks ever. “I love his skill set,” Jaworski said. “I think the sky’s the limit.”

Man how times have changed.