FIRST LOOK: Mark Sanchez In A Broncos Uniform


DENVER, CO – Colin Kaernick was alleged to be the clear-cut front runner to take over as QB of the Denver Broncos when Peyton manning successor Brock Osweiler surprised everyone and ditched the team for a starting role and a lucrative contract in Houston as a Texan. Weeks before free agency, Kaepernick and his agent asked the 49ers management for permission to seek a team willing to trade for the once Super Bowl QB, who still has one year remaining on his contract.

That news too surprised many, as Kaepernick seemed to be the prototype quarterback to run Chip Kelly’s up-tempo system that he would surely be instilling in San Francisco.

But with Denver with a nobody as their only quarterback, the team traded a draft pick (which is one draft too many) for Eagles QB Mark Sanchez, who some felt could have ended up back with the Jets if he left Philadelphia.


According to sources, the team considers this move as a “back-up plan,” and will still go after Kaepernick or Robert Griffin III, even though new reports have stated RGIII is currently meeting with the NY Jets.

Denver seems to be in need of a “game-manager quarterback,” a signal caller who can score a median amount of points with the offense in place and let the defense carry the team to wins (see last season). Both Sanchez and Kaepernick seem to not fit that mold but they’re in all respects the best options on the quarterback free agency market at this time, excluding Ryan Fitzpatrick, who by all accounts is seeking more money than the Broncos are willing to pay.