REPORT: Draymond Green Drawing Interest From NFL Teams For Tackling Ability

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OAKLAND, CA – Some NFL general managers spent their Friday night watching the weekends most anticipated NBA game this week, the Warriors attempting to continue their NBA record home-win streak and keep their hopes of beating the 1995-1996 Bulls record alive.

The Celtics were in the bay, the only team whom the Golden State has not beaten by more than 5 points this season.

Late in the game, Draymond Green set a screen for his teammates who where looking for the inbound pass, laying a shoulder into one Celtics defender, and then proceeding to flip PG Marcus Smart over his shoulder WWE-style.

Watching with amazement, GMs phoned Bob Myer with “mild interest” in adding Green to their rosters after the NBA season end.

ESPN’s Adam Scheffer first reported the news, saying an anonymous NFL general manager told a source, “the guys blocking ability is at the skill level and perhaps beyond any fullback in our league right now, and with his size and form, there’s no question that he can make a difference in an NFL backfield.”

Green has not yet commented on the situation.