Josh Gordon Fails ANOTHER Drug Test, Johnny Manziel Moves In With Him


Another day, another failed Josh Gordon drug test.

Roger Goodell’s year-long suspension doesn’t seem as outrageous right about now. The Browns receiver who received that unprecedented suspension for failing drug test after drug test, testing positive for marijuana, has failed his latest, a test that was administered in March.

The Cleveland Browns wide receiver applied for reinstatement in February, and had Goodell and the league decided to end the suspension, Gordon could have been reinstated within 60 days. However, the league has said Goodell wasn’t required to make a decision within that timeframe and it’s clear now the positive test has at least given him and the experts who evaluate Gordon’s case pause.


According to FOX Sports, Gordon’s sample was collected in early March, coming back positive for marijuana once again, as well as a dilute, meanign Gordon took the test knowing he had used marijuana.

The source added that both the “A” and “B” samples collected were positive for marijuana and dilute. Though the level of marijuana was below the 35 nanograms per milliliter required for a positive test, the diluted sample is considered a positive test. This development is a red flag for Gordon but it doesn’t necessarily mean he will miss yet another season.

The commissioner has not yet commented on the newest news involving Gordon, and the WR’s agent Drew Rosenhaus has declined to comment.

With any situation similar to this, the player would likely have been booted by now. But Josh Gordon is not an average player. He lead the NFL in receiving in 2013 and is hoping to rejoin the team;s newest QB, Robert Griffin III, his former teammate at Baylor University. That proposition just took a little bit of a hit.

ESPN reported Monday that Johnny Manziel, who had been thought to be living with college teammate and Super Bowl MVP Von Miller, had actually moved into Gordon’s place with him, not the greatest life choice for either, with both trying to regain footing for their NFL careers.

Manziel is also facing a possible suspension, with the NFL yet to determine punishment if any for a domestic violence incident in Dallas involving his ex-girlfriend.

Gordon spent a stent during last year’s NFL season while he was suspended selling cars at a dealership, which may be seeing their would be Pro Bowl WR back at the office.