There Will Be NFL Football On Christmas!


The night after the NBA basketball season ends, we are gifted with some football news, the release of the NFL schedule for this year’s upcoming season.

The schedule was actually not supposed to be released until about a week, but since it was finalized earlier this week, it was decided to be released Thursday.

Usually Christmas day is reserved for NBA basketball, but the NFL seems to be trying to infiltrate that seemingly football sacrilegious space. There will be an NFL double header played on Christmas this year, with the Ravens facing off versus the Steelers, and the Broncos taking on the Chiefs.

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The last time football was played on the 25th of December? Five years ago, when the the holiday landed on a Sunday. The Bears took on the Packers at Lambeau Field.

In the league’s first 96 seasons, there has only been football played on Christmas day 17 times. This year will make the 18th.

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