Le’Veon Bell Gets “Random” Drug Test From The NFL On 4/20

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We always joke about players who have a history of smoking marijuana and have been punished previously for it receiving so called “random” drug tests from their league.

Apparently they actually do.

Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell sent out a tweet Wednesday morning saying that he received one from the NFL on none other than 4/20.

Bell was suspended for 3 games last season for failing a test.

Apparenlty millions of dollars and your stardom on the line isn’t enough to keep you away from the devil’s lettuce sometimes!


  1. what a joke. the NFL can let dudes go full retard with concussions but if you smoke a plant that grows out of the ground – SUSPENSION. I’m really starting to be turned off by the NFL with every passing year. let the dudes SMOKE, what the hell is wrong with that? is it ‘performance enhancing’? no. countdown until some weakling cries “but its ILLEGAL” in 3…2…1…..

      • Domestic abuse is a crime against humanity that is quite literally hurting another person directly.

        Pick a new argument Tony Trenkle (autocorrect). Deplorable actions against other living creatures (just to include the Vick reference as well) should not be allowable in any way, period.

        Consuming a non-PED, that has been proven to assist with chronic pain (which can happen from running full speed into another person running full speed) is not one of those crimes against humanity, and does not provide a competitive “edge” over another player is plain goofy. Why not issue suspensions for tobacco too? At least the NFL can say they’re protecting their investments….. err players….. from detrimental harm to themselves since half a million people die from them every year. But cannabis? SUSPENSION!