Broncos Players Still Won’t Take Peyton Manning’s Old Locker Room Spot

Wide receiver Eddie Royal laughs and pauses in front of his locker before turning around to speak with members of the media before a team meeting at Dove Valley. After a bad 45-10 loss against the New England Patriots, the Denver Broncos came to Dove Valley, their training facility, to clear out their lockers, have a final team meeting and exit physical exams to close out their football season. Helen H. Richardson, The Denver Post

ENGLEWOOD, CO – Everyone had wondered how a Peyton Manning-less NFL would look following his retirement earlier this year. The Broncos are still trying to figure out how that will look inside their own team.

Manning though teammate and friend, was a living legend in the world of football in an NFL locker room, so much so, the team is stuttering on claiming his old locker spot at the Broncos at their training facility.


Beyond the acquisition of Mark Sanchez, the Broncos are still without a starting quarterback with talks with Colin Kaepernick hauling earlier this month.

We don’t see anyone taking that locker spot anytime soon.