Laremy Tunsil’s Instagram Account Hacked Now As Well

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CHICAGO, IL – The experts said this draft would be like no other. They wouldn’t have been more right.

Beyond the amount of trades, the unknown beyond the top two picks, and the prospect’s outfits, the most unexpected incident came from Ole Miss OT Laremy Tunsil’s twitter account.

13 minutes before Roger Goodell took the stage, Tunsil who just a few short weeks ago many had going either #1 or #2 overall, accidentally posted a video of himself smoking from a gas mask bong, which every NFL team learned word off, presumably dropping him to 13, where he was eventually taken by the Miami Dolphins.

After Tunsil was asked about the matter, he noted it was him, but he had been hacked. That seemingly far-fetched story may have gained some strength after what happened next.

Minutes after he was taken, his Instagram account was hacked as well, posting screenshots of conversations with him and his now former coach. The screenshots show conversations showing NCAA violations including paying for rent and other bills.

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Many believe this could be the work of Tunsil’s step-dad, who is just recently filed suit against him. He has since denied the allegations.

When being interviewed post selection, a reporter asked if he has in fact asked and accepted money from Ole Miss coaches, and admitted to such: