Financial Advisor Accused Of Hacking Tunsil’s Account Could Face Up To 5 Years In Prison


Many believed the person that hacked into Laremy Tunsil’s Twitter and Instagram accounts to post videos of Tunsil smoking from a gas mask bong and screenshots of texts containing NCAA violations was his stepfather, having filed suit against the player not too long ago. After saying he had nothing to do with the hack nor even watched the draft itself, the Miami Dolphins came out shortly after and said they believe it was Tunsil’s former financial advisor behind the phone on that Thursday night.

Tunsil fired his financial advisor after about 2 1/2 months of working for him as a “runner,” a financial advisor who connects players with agents and helps with monetary retrospects when large payouts are on the horizon. The financial advisor had reportedly given Tunsil a phone and then therefore had access to his social media accounts after he was let go, and took to them with revenge in mind on draft night.

Considering the act was an extreme deformation of character on a huge public stage, it also cost the Ole Miss lineman an estimated $8-15 million dollars having fallen from a probable top-5 pick to the 13th pick where the Dolphins elected to draft him.



The hack was so major that many suggested Tunsil could pursue legal action, under extortion.

A law states that one granting themselves access into another’s computer or data impermissibly is a crime, punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

In Laremy Tunsil’s case, even with the phone that the Twitter and Instagram accounts were accessed through was housed by the phone that the financial advisor had given to him, the act itself is still illegal.

ESPN reported the representatives of Tunsil could turn over evidence to the FBI for further investigation, yet there’s no official word yet on if  Tunsil will end up pursuing legal action or if the offensive tackle and the Miami Dolphins simply want this to go away and will let the story die as so.