ESPN Reportedly Working On 30 for 30 About The XFL


The 30 for 30 film series is arguably the greatest entity ESPN has incepted and produced in the past decade.

With classics like “The U” and “Bad Boys” to upcoming releases such as 7-hour 30 for 30 about OJ Simpson on the horizon, the films act as a portal back into the days where sports and society were a little different than they are today.

One thing different about today specifically? the XFL. The was a professional American football league founded by World Wrestling Federation in 2001. owner Vince McMahon. Though created in hopes to rival the NFL, the league lasted only a single season, the XFL is something those who were around to see it will never forget – and ESPN wants to make sure of that.


According to sources, ESPN is filming a 30 for 30 documentary about the XFL’s one and only season.

ESPN’s Jonathan Coachman appeared on the latest episode of Jim Ross’ podcast, The Ross Report, and revealed the news. You can hear Coachman tell Ross about it at the 34:45 mark of the show: