Philly Restaurant Creates ‘Sam Bradford’ Sandwich To Rip QB & The Description Is Hilarious

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In light of Sam Bradford, for lack of better worlds, acting like a giant baby, one Philadelphia-area restaurant is taking advantage of the situation.

Big Q BBQ’s newest menu item? The Sam Bradford Sandwich. Although it may look it, this sandwich isn’t your casual ingredients thrown between two slices of bread. This one’s got a backstory and reasoning for every single ingredient.

Chef Drew Abbruzzese is all about the symbolism:


“Starting at noon on Wednesday, the Levittown, Bucks County, barbecue joint will make a big ol’ anti-Bradford statement by giving away 150 free Sam Bradford sandwiches. The sandwich is a meaty dig at the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback’s recent Carson Wentz-spurred trade drama: deep-fried jalapenos represent him in “the hot seat,” pulled pork represents him getting pulled, the potato roll represents him “going down like a sack of potatoes” and the spicy cream cheese is a nod to Philly. The fried chicken’s symbolism, he said, was obvious.

He’s even adding moist towelettes to the package, meant to take the “cleaning up process to the next level.”

Abbruzzese noted the sandwich is served on a Sam Bradford jersey since they are so cheap at the moment.

The sandwich is priced at a mere $5, which it will stay consider Bradford did return to the Eagles. In the event of a trade, the sandwich would have moved to a regular menu item at it $7.