Ezekiel Elliott Wears Full Cowboys Uniform For First Time, Goes Full Crop Top


Ezekiel Elliot stole the headlines on the first day of the NFL draft with his crop-topped suit, until Laremy Tunsil quickly stole them back.

The Ohio State Running back went 4th overall that night, and now appearing in a full Cowboys uniform for the first time, decided it was only appropriate.

There’s no rule in the NFL, unlike the NCAA, that Elliott can’t wear the jersey rolled up like such. Given it’s his signature look, we’re assuming he’ll rock it on Sundays.


  1. Actually, it is banned in the NFL. Unless they change it this year…
    Under Rule 5, Section 4. Item 2 of the NFL’s 2015 rule book:

    Jersey must cover all pads and other protective equipment worn on the torso and upper arms, and must be appropriately tailored to remain tucked into the uniform pants throughout the game. Tear-away jerseys are prohibited. Mesh jerseys with large fishnet material (commonly referred to as ‘bullet-hole’ or ‘port-hole’ mesh) are also prohibited. Surnames of players in letters a minimum of 2½ inches high must be affixed to the exterior of jerseys across the upper back above the numerals; nicknames are prohibited. All jerseys must carry a small NFL Shield logo at the middle of the yoke of the neck on the front of the garment. All fabrics must be approved by the League office prior to production.

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