49ers Officially Favored To Win Exactly None Of Their Games In 2016


The team that was scared of nobody, with a mighty defense pillared by names like Willis and Boweman, and an offense featuring the likes of Boldin and the electrifying Kaepernick, is now projected to win exactly zero of their games this season.

The 49ers struggled mightily last season after firing coach Jim Harbaugh the season before, and Las Vegas has literally zero hope. Cantor Technology released the spreads for each team, and each game is favored in at least one, except San Fran.

Here are the lines:

Week 1

Los Angeles Rams (-2, 46) at San Francisco

Week 2

San Francisco at Carolina Panthers (-11.5)

Week 3

San Francisco at Seattle Seahawks (-14)

Week 4

Dallas Cowboys (-3) at San Francisco

Week 5

Arizona Cardinals (-6) at San Francisco

Week 6

San Francisco at Buffalo Bills (-7)

Week 7

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at San Francisco (PK)

Week 8


Week 9

New Orleans at San Francisco (PK)

Week 10

San Francisco at Arizona Cardinals (-10.5)

Week 11

New England Patriots (-6) at San Francisco

Week 12

San Francisco at Miami Dolphins (-5)

Week 13

San Francisco at Chicago Bears (-5)

Week 14

New York Jets at San Francisco (PK)

Week 15

San Francisco at Atlanta Falcons (-5)

Week 16

San Francisco at Los Angeles Rams (-5.5)