Man Tries Fleeing Police In Romo Jersey, Gets Intercepted By Cops

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LOS ANGELES, CA – If you’re going to be intercepted by cops after trying to flee an entire pursuit of squad cars, what better, more ironic way to do it then wearing a Tony Romo jersey.

That was the reality for one Los Angeles man, who stole a car in Lakewood, CA to start the whole ordeal.

According to the LA Times, the man drove recklessly for nearly an hour, hitting an armored car and another vehicle. At one point, he looked up and waived at TV choppers broadcasting the chase. He ended up in the hills above Whittier, along Turnbull Canyon Road.

There, he slowed his vehicle in a tree-covered section of the road. As the Honda Accord kept moving, he climbed almost imperceptibly out of the driver’s window. The vehicle coasted to a stop farther down the road.

It appeared the man might have gotten away. But minutes later, the man, who was wearing a Tony Romo Dallas Cowboys football jersey, was taken into custody, his mad scramble for freedom stopped short.

Authorities have not identified the man or said whether anyone was hurt during his two accidents.

Some chase observers gave the man points for ingenuity because his escape was difficult to see live. His slick move was visible only in slow-motion replays — appearing as a shadow across the driver’s door of the white vehicle.

Chulo with a bald head, Romo jers, some jorts, what’s probably some white Air Force 1’s and on the brink of getting arrested –  if this isn’t the most prototypical Cowboys fan, I don’t know who is.