Aqib Talib Reportedly Told Family That He Shot Himself In Leg


Aqib Talib was a no show at the annual Super Bowl champion’s White House visit with the President of the United States today. Why? Getting shot in the leg is arguably the best and worst excuse possible.

What makes it the worst – it now appears Talib was doing the shooting, yes, the shooting of himself.

According to Deadspin, after being taken to a Dallas hospital with a gunshot wound early Sunday morning, and initial reports had him as one of three victims at a nightclub shooting. However, Talib has maintained that he was at a park when he got shot in the thigh and was too drunk to know who shot him, but Dallas PD are investigating whether or not he was shot at V Live nightclub, as the Dallas Morning News first reported.


TMZ obtained video recorded by a bystander in which you can see a group of people outside the V Live Nightclub and then hear the four shots which rang out, one of which hit Talib in the leg.

KUSA reported today that Talib is expected to recover fully, but miss the rest of offseason practices. KUSA also reports that Talib has been telling his inner circle that he shot himself on accident:

Talib has told people close to him he accidentally shot himself, but police are still investigating the matter. WFAA reported Talib told police he was hanging out at a park with friends when he was shot at about 3:40 a.m.

What’s even more telling that Talib may have accidentally shot himself in the trajectory of the bullet. The bullet entered the top of Talib’s right thigh, and exited the back of his right calf, which seems the perfect angle for a gun being held in a pocket or waistband, and highly unlikely for that path to indicate a stray bullet.

Plaxico Burress 2.0?


Note: Burress did have to serve jail time for his offense of shooting himself in a New York City nightclub, but the more lenient laws of Texas may allow Talib to avoid such legal measures.

Sources covering the situation say Talib will miss all of OTAs and will hopefully be recovered in time for Broncos’ training camp.