Jason Pierre-Paul Is Not Going To Be In The United States To Celebrate The 4th of July


Nearly a year ago, star New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul suffered a life-changing injury to his right hand in a Fourth of July fireworks accident.

Now a year later, it seems Jason Pierre-Paul has learned his lesson in regards to playing with fireworks:

Pierre-Paul returned to the Giants after missing eight games last year, but he wasn’t the same dominant player the team used to have,  mainly because of the massive club on his damaged right hand.


This offseason, Pierre-Paul signed a one-year deal with the Giants to prove to not only the team but also the NFL that JPP can return to form.

Jason Pierre-Paul spoke to reporters on Tuesday, telling them that he’s ready to put everything behind him:

It’ll be a year. I’ve overcome a lot of things in my life. And that will be something I overcame, and I put it behind me. … I’ll never be completely back to normal. But I’m doing everything that they’re asking me to do. I find ways around [challenges].