NFL Twitter Account Gets Hacked, Tweets Roger Goodell Died


You would think following the whirlwind of the Laremy Tunsil situation, the NFL would know a thing or two about not being hacked.Oh, and that fact that they’re a billon dollar industry.

Among all the sports deaths this year, let along this week, apparently Roger Goodell is that latest. The hacker got into the NFL’s Twitter account, posting this tweet before it was taken down.

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After the original tweet was deleted, instead of the logical thing to do in changing the password, the hacker continued to send out tweets:

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Needless to say, and unfortunately for Patriots fans, Roger Goodell is in fact alive and well.

The league’s account is currently followed by 19.2 million fans. NFL officials say they are looking into the specifics of how and why their Twitter was hacked.