Jarryd Hayne Blames Chip Kelly’s Playbook For Early NFL Retirement

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With the depleted roster currently in place in San Fran, fans were looking forward to seeing what kind of spark transitioned rugby player Jarryd Hayne would bring in his second season playing NFL football.

Until he retired.

Beyond the fact the country of Fiji made him an offer he couldn’t refuse to play for their Olympic rugby team, the retirement seemed a little suspect, until now,

During an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald this week, Hayne revealed that Chip Kelly’s playbook also factored into his decision to no longer play football.

Hayne told Morning, “I just think with Chip’s playbook, it’s such an intense playbook that it would just take too much time.”

Even if Hayne wanted to return to San Francisco after the Olympics, he admitted the impossibility wouldn’t since he wouldn’t join the 49ers until August, which would likely be too late.

“I think it would be extremely difficult considering we weren’t even halfway through Chip’s playbook when I left and I am aware of how complicated it is,” Hayne tweeted in an effort to clarify his quote to the Sydney Morning Herald. “I would struggle to catch up in a week, which is how long I would have if I was to return.”

Kelly is known for his extravagant playbook filled with countless iterations from the same set formations, a concept which Hayne just couldn’t pick up.

Probably got out of there before Chip Kelly cut him anyways.