DeAndre Hopkins Wants To Know Why He Doesn’t Get Paid From Fantasy Football


Amidst the uprising of athletes wanting to be paid for their athletic services as collegiate players, and those same players wanting to be paid for the likeness of their name in video games, we now may have another uprising on our hands: Players wanting to be paid for their likeness used in the world of Fantasy Football.

Fantasy Football has emerged as a multi-billon dollar industry with now hundreds of millions of players world-wide and generating massive amounts of dollars as a result.

Texas star WR DeAndre Hopkins seems to want to know why he isn’t getting paid for him being a part of why those hundreds of millions of players are getting those billions of dollars.

Hopkins tweeting this out explaining his realization…

(Click to enlarge)


We think the Hopkins fails to realize fans tune into Texans games to watch him play that otherwise wouldn’t, driving up TV ratings and therefore increasing the amount he gets paid in the long-term.

Wonder if he also plans on reimbursing fans who lose money if he has a bad game…


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