Darren McFadden Finally Reveals How He Actually Broke His Elbow After All

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Even though it’s the made-of-glass Darren McFadden we’re talking about here, it’s hard to assume any NFL player would have as fragile of an extremity that would break while attempting to save his phone from falling.

That’s exactly what happened with the Cowboys running back a few weeks ago. It was reported that in fact that was the reason why McFadden needed to be sidelined for 4-6 weeks with a fractured elbow, and like many of our gut feelings, that wasn’t entirely true.

The Cowboys running back spoke with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette earlier this week to explain. Though there was a cell phone was present, that’s not exactly what happened.

McFadden told the paper he was in a friend’s backyard after a funeral and slipped on cement near a swimming pool.
“I just slipped down and landed on my elbow,” he said. “My phone was in my hand, and so people kind of put that story out.”

(h/t SportingNews)