Johnny Manziel Reportedly To Go Completely Sober July 1st, Attempt NFL Comeback

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Johnny Manziel is going out with a bang before he plans to go completely sober starting in a few days.

Currently, the former Browns QB is spending his time down in Cabo San Lucas, where he’s already been allegedly linked to massive amounts of cocaine.

He posted this photo upon arrival seemingly mocking his father who pled for help for his son publicly last week. The caption and accompanying slew of hashtags also points towards an NFL comeback for Manziel, who’s been out of the league ever since being cut by the Browns earlier this year. He also noted he would “train like crazy” to get back into the NFL.

The Charlie Sheen of the NFL did though tell TMZ that he plans to go completely without drugs or alcohol starting on July 1st.

Of course, that gives him between now and Friday to get it all out of his system, and it seems like plenty of people with him aren’t taking the same pledge.

We’re not sure how advisable partying it up in South America is when you’re already on the brink of possibly death before going sober is, but at least there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Manziel will have to walk the fine line between finishing all his coke supply and not dying before Friday gets here. Only time will tell.