Listen To The Drunk 911 Call Of Bucs’ Louis Murphy After Trapping Himself In A Museum

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Usually when there’s a 911 call involving an NFL player during the offseason, there’s a good chance of that player getting arrested. Luckily for the Buccaneers and Louis Murphy, this one was not quite that.

The wide receiver was attending a friend’s wedding where he was a groomsman at the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, FL, where he somehow got himself trapped.

In the call obtained by TMZ Sports, Murphy, somewhat slurring his words, explains that he “got kinda drunk” and accidentally fell asleep in a garden, only to be locked inside.


The 29-year-old cut his hand while trying to punch out the glass windows in order to escape, with nobody finding the missing groomsman until towards the end of the 911 call.

Have a listen:

Here’s a picture of Murphy along with the other groomsmen:


TMZ also obtained photos of the door Murphy injured his hand during his escape attempt.

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Midnight at the Museum apparently isn’t so fun when it’s not a movie…