Russell Wilson Reportedly Cried After Having Sex With Ciara For The First Time

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Russell Wilson got his second ring on July 6th after marrying the love of his life, Ciara.

Wilson, a Christian man waited until marriage until having sex with the pop star, and they got at it after the reception according to Wilson himself. In a video recorded by Ciara, the QB noted he got it in multiple times that night and loved every second of it. How much though? Wilson allegedly cried after.

Someone close to the couple told Bonnie Fuller of Hollywood Life, “At the rate Ciara and Russell are having sex, they might be pregnant right now.” “It’s been a non-stop, passionate sexual marathon between them since they’ve been married and it’s off the charts. They both have a lot of build up inside them and the moment they retreated into their suite after the ceremony, it’s was an explosion bigger than any firework show on July 4th. “It was well worth the wait, especially for Russell.”