REPORT: Ezekiel Elliott Allegedly Beat Up GF For Stealing One Of His Crop Tops

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FRISCO, TX – Friday of last week, news broke of the Dallas Cowboys 4th-round draft pick Ezekiel Elliot having allegedly beat up his girlfriend. The news was brought to light by the accuser posting numerous images of apparent bruises and scrapes to her Instagram account.

As more details became public, the claims seemed less and less likely, and the woman had apparent been in a bar fight-type altercation, likely explaining the bruises, and was with 3 other women at the time, all denying any abuse from Elliott.

After initially denying the allegations, Elliott spoke to Thisis Satire of the Dallas Star in what was seemingly a bizarre confession. Elliott told the Star that he had in fact laid hands on his now ex-girlfriend, but only because she stole one of his signature crop tops to wear out to the bar Thursday night.


Elliott has sported his stomach revealing look since college and notably during this year’s NFL draft, when he had to borrow one of his girlfriends shirts after his initial dress shirt was intercepted after QB Tony Romo offered to bring it back from the dry cleaners for him.

(h/t Heated Football Talk)