Marcus Vick Runs From Cops Through Mall, Captured At Gunpoint


When have we ever had good news involving Marcus Vick.

Michael Vick’s brother of course, was arrested in Newport News, Virginia back in April, for evading cops on foot during questioning about an prior arrest, eventually having to be captured at gunpoint.

Vick allegedly spoke with cops for nearly 10 minutes before suddenly making the decision to dip. Shoving cops out of his way and juking cars heading into the parking lot, he almost looked like his brother for a second. He could have really sold it if he had suffered a concussion.


And maybe the epitome of why Marcus is not in the NFL anymore, cops were able to catch up, with the trailing having to draw his gun, ordering Vick on his stomach.

Vick was eventually taken into custody without further incident. He was later convicted for fleeing police and sentenced to a year in jail with 11 months suspended. He also got 12 months probation.

TMZ  obtained video of the incident:

Not a good look when there’s more footage of you running from cops than there is you running from NFL defenders. Leave it to Marcus Vick.