Geno Smith “Kinda Pissed Off” That Ryan Fitzpatrick Is Back With Team


It’s safe to say almost every New Yorker is happy that they have their quarterback back. Geno Smith is not one of them.

The Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick debacle finally came to conclusion Wednesday morning, ending their standoff by agreeing on a one-year, $12 million contract agreement.

The relation which appeared to grow somewhat sour and awkward, as the Jets and Fitzpatrick couldn’t quite agree on what role the the 10-win man from last season would play in the future of the team along with if he deserved starter or backup money at the QB position.

Smith, who was presumably the starter in Fitzpatricks’s place and seemingly would remain so if he was not resigned by the Jets was obviously upset with his return.

Smith discussed his reaction to the Fitzpatrick deal during a media session on Thursday saying, “I’m not disappointed. I’m kind of pissed off. But it’s not a detrimental thing. It’s not something where I’m pissed off at anyone, because we all want to be out there. We all know that one quarterback gets to go out there on Day 1. That just adds fuel to the fire, but not in a negative way.

Smith went on to try to clarify his comments, speaking about his competitiveness:

“I don’t want that to become like a headline or something like that, because it’s not what I’m trying to say. It’s more as a competitor, as a quarterback, knowing what I’m capable of, and really believing in myself, knowing the work that I put in over the offseason. You want to be out there. But you’ve just got to kind of play the cards that you’re dealt.”

When he was asked if that meant he was upset to put in work as a starter only to be the backup again, Smith said that wasn’t what he was saying. So, there’s that.

Smith added that he’s remained friendly with Fitzpatrick since his arrival to camp.