Map Shows Which NFL Team Each State Thinks Will Win This Year’s Super Bowl

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Each state has a team they root for more than nay other. Yet considering the NFL opens each season with only about 10 teams having a realistic chance of winning the Super Bowl, those teams fans want to win the Super Bowl aren’t necessarily the same as who they think will win it. surveyed 10,000 NFL fans, with at least 200 from each U.S. state, to see who they believe will win this year’s Lombardi Trophy, with all the date resulting with this map:



Some of the findings are interesting, including the Packers having the most states, yet having the smallest market out of any NFL team. No surprise with the confidence of the fans down in Texas. California perhaps has the Patriots picked due to the dilution of votes from having 3 NFL teams, and Florida picking New England may be due to the number of snow birds and retirees living in the sunshine state. The Panthers and Seahawks round out the top three, all teams from the NFC.