Rams #1 Overall Pick Jared Goff Enters Game, Has 2nd Career Pass Intercepted


The first overall pick in the draft got his welcome to the NFL quite early Saturday night in his first career game vs the Cowboys, luckily for him, of course a preseason one.

Jared Goff, subbing for starter Case Keenum, took a hard hit to the midsection on a delayed blitz during his third play from scrimmage. The impact of the blow from linebacker Derek Akunne caused the ball to float, resulting in an easy interception by Mark Nzeocha.

Goff wasn’t injured by the hit, and he returned to the game for the next drive. It ended with a sack on third and long in Dallas territory.


The Cowboys lead 24-7 at the half, which really doesn’t mean anything except to the people with a gambling problem so profound that they actually bet on preseason games.