Cowboys Accidentally Put Phrase Trademarked By Patriots On Wall At New Practice Facility

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The Dallas Cowboys cut the ribbon on their new state-of-the-art $1.2 billion dollar practice facility (compound may be the better word) on Sunday.

‘The Star’ as it has been named, was officially opened today to the media and to the players as well, who practiced there today.

From a lavish, football shaped locker room, to office views overlooking the practice fields, it  seems as nothing was overlooked – except one thing.


The Cowboy’s mistakenly put up “Do Your Job” on the wall in the locker room, a phrase which just so happens to be trademarked by the New England Patriots.

Now you may think “Do Your Job” is a common phrase, so can the Cowboys get in any trouble for this?

Whether a word or phrase is trademarked or not, the first amendment (freedom of speech) allows this country’s citizens to use that respective word or phrase. What Dallas can’t do with it, is profit from using it.

But while an agreement is possible, some sort of arrangement between competing teams would seem unlikely.

Unless some sort of agreement is reached, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would be smart not to produce any “Do Your Job” products.

Beyond the mistake, the locker room is unprecedentedly nice for something that is used for practice, as it may be nicer than any of teams actual locker room.