Bucs 2nd-Round Kicker Seeking Mental Help After Being Unable To Make Kicks


The Buccaneers did the unthinkable earlier this year, not only drafting a kicker in the second round, but trading up for him.

That kicker, Robert Aguayo has missed three kicks in two preseason games, and what most Bucs fans may find alarming, has already sought professional mental help in an effort to get his confidence back.

Via JoeBucsFan.com, Roy Cummings told 620 WDAE that Aguayo has contacted three people not currently employed by the Buccaneers, including former NFL kicker Ryan Longwell, former Buccaneers special-teams coordinator Bill Miller, and a “mental coach.” Aguayo admitted that his confidence has been shaken “a little bit.”


“I’m just focusing on relaxing and sometimes not thinking about it too much,’’ Aguayo said, according to Cummings. “When you’re overthinking like, ‘Ok, I have to do this and this and this,’ you get too many thoughts in your head.”

There’s no precedent on cutting a kicker drafted in the second round, but frankly, if this were an average kicker, he would have his locker cleaned out already.