Crazy: The Saints Just Installed Jumbotrons Longer Than The Actual Football Field In The Superdome


New Orleans Saints fans can only hope that their playoff hopes stretch longer than their video boards do.

The team and the Mercedes-Benz Superdome unveiled what are now the longest video-boards in the NFL on Wednesday to the delight of the media invited to see the boards for the first time.



The new boards are a staggering 333 feet long and 38 feet high and are one of the showpieces to the renovations backed by the $25 million dollars team owner Tom Benson pledged to upgrade the stadium this off season.

Benson spoke about the improvements in a statement saying, “It is wonderful to know that some things get better with age. We recognize and embrace the need for more the most modern of facilities and making our fans game day experiences the best they can possibly be. To have the largest end zone video boards in the league and the most up-to-date technology will only enhance all of our fans’ experiences. We are anxious for our fans to see the upgrades we’ve invested in.”


The boards are about twice as long as the largest video boards in sports, the 160 feet long and 72 foot high ginormous screens housed in AT&T Stadium in Dallas. The boards are also about the same length as the field the Saints will be playing on.

“They are magnificent and it is another sign that we have taken an iconic building and are always seeking meaningful ways to make it as up-to-date as possible and state-of-the-art,” said Benson.

Fans will get that opportunity on Friday when the Saints host the Pittsburgh Steelers.