High School Football Coach Suspends All 80 Of His Players After They Bully Student


Union High School coach Matt Labrum did something not many coaches would do. Suspend every single one of his players.

Labrum told the team they would all be missing time after Union’s loss last Friday, saying the players needed to “earn back” the privilege of playing football at the school through community service and better behavior off the field.

According to FOX News Insider, Labrum was alerted by a guidance counselor to the cyberbullying of a student by some football players. He was also unhappy with players cutting classes and disrespecting teachers.


Instead of practicing this week for Friday’s game, the players practiced what it meant to give back, by performing community service. The team spent the rest of last week doing the same just to earn their uniforms back.

He gave his players a sheet called “Union Football Character,” detailing the next steps for the boys to be reinstated.

“I think we deserved every little bit we got,” said one player of the coach’s extreme measures.

“Hopefully it’ll show to everybody that football’s not just about playing the game,” said another player, “and being a great person is really what all of this amounts to when you get older.”