The Most Pathetic ‘Roughing The Passer’ Penalty In NFL History was Just Called

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It’s apparent the NFL has changed the way games are officiated in hopes on limiting the amount of injuries. To most NFL fans; agreement, they’ve gone a tad too far – socially with protecting the quarterbacks.

Nowadays, a defender can’t do as much as accidentally brush a QB in the head region when the point of that player’s job is to tackle the man.

The most recent and could be the most horrendous ‘roughing the passer’ call in NFL history was called during the Redskins vs Bills Preseason Week 3 game Friday night.


The Bills defensive end was flagged for illegally going “too low” on the quarterback, to which he couldn’t possibly avoid after struggling to stay on his feet during the rush. Ed Hochuli made the call:

Nothing like a tackle at the hips costing you 15 yards. Pathetic.

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