Hilarious Madden 17 Glitch Allows You To Score By Just Catching The Kickoff

Madden glitches are sometimes more entertaining than the game. With that said, one person is usually on the wrong end of that glitch, and it’s not fun.

One Madden 17 player had a glitch so unexplainable it’s dumbfounding. Apparently, you can score a touchdown but just catching a kick in the end zone, whether that be a kickoff or a on a field goal or extra point attempt.

With only 6 seconds to go in the game and a field goal lines up for to send it into overtime, the kick drifted short and to the left, where it was caught by an awaiting Vikings player. Somehow, that was ruled a touchdown for the Vikings, erasing any chance of another try at a score.


That wasn’t the only instance of the faux touchdown happening, evident from other players filming the glitch, event by this player who lost all hope of winning the game with just 6 seconds to go when it occurred:

Madden 17 is broken. ? (via @jahkobyy)

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Go home Madden, you’re drunk.