Congrats To The Philadelphia Eagles, Back-To-Back Preseason Champs


What a time to be alive.

Remember last year when Sam Bradford looked like the second coming of Peyton Manning with what may have well been Barry Sanders behind him in DeMarco Murray during the 3rd game of the 2015 preseason? They wrapped up that slate of exhibition games with the tile, going 3-1 and capturing our hearts at the hands of guru Chip Kelly and his high-flying Eagles.

One year later, the team has miraculously returned to glory and have claimed back-to-back preseason titles.


The Eagles went 4-0 in their 2016 preseason, a feat that essentially has the same impact as your local WNBA team winning the title.

Just to put that into perspective, the Eagles have no won the same number of games in just the last 2 preseasons as they won in all 16 games last year when it actually counted, in what was that Special Olympics of an NFC East.

The 2016 ring designs have not been revealed yet, though team insiders say construction has been started on a trophy case for the team’s practice facility at Lincoln Financial Field that will house about 20 square feet of air.


As if we needed any more evidence that the preseason means absolutely nothing, we have here Exhibit A.